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Cami Hot - Waist Trimmer Shirt - Seamless Slimming Body Shaper for Weight Loss

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The Cami Hot encompasses everything you’d want in activewear. Crafted with style and comfort, the smart heating fabric technology throughout every thread enables you to get the most out of any workout. This technologically advanced shapewear is perfect for everyday use whether you’re at the gym, going for an outdoor run or taking a stroll through the park. The Cami Hot is the combination of a burner belt, a busting shapewear and a cincher corset all in one. Achieve curves in your waist and an hourglass shape.

Beneath the Fire

Made with Neotex smart fabric technology, the Cami Hot stimulates and traps thermogenic heat wherever it makes contact with the skin. This leads to more sweating and calorie burn with none of the side effects from dangerous drinks, injections, fatburner weight-loss pills or laxative detox diets. This breathable high-performance fabric conforms to any shape and figure, giving you a comfortable fit. The supreme heat insulation that comes from this premium latex-free neoprene fabric increases your core temperature helping you lose water weight while working out. This metabolic toner is and easy and rapid body shred program for tightening your body.

Fuel to the Fire

Moisture wicking fabric keeps you dry on the outside from excessive sweat. Wear your own bra feature provides under bust support to shape your figure. Elastic stretch provides freedom of movement. The Cami shirt can be worn with your own sports bra for ideal and stylish look. Sporting the Cami Hot hot has never been easier; whether its for yoga, boot camps, or while playing a sport.. the possibilities are limitless.


  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Muffin Top
  • Shoulders

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