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Pressure Foot Washer for Easy and Convenient Foot Washing

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The first specialized Wudu Footwasher designed especially to assist adults and children, old people, pregnant women & those with movement related challenges. Wudu Footwasher allows Wudu ablution to be performed while standing comfortably. The Bold Foot Washer is simple to set up and quickly connects to water and drainage supplies without the need for a professional plumber or any power.

Water is dispensed easily by just a push of the pedal. Simple and hygienic to use, it is ideal for your entire family. Not just that! Bold Footwasher uses minimal water which allows you to save water efficiently. Now your entire family can enjoy doing Wudu easily without spilling and splashing water around the washroom


  • Facilitates easy practice of Wudu
  • Convenient and hygienic to use
  • Dispenses 12 seconds of mist of water
  • Saves water uses the only 250ml of water
  • Works without using power
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Easily installed
  • Made in Italy

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