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Soap Magic - Automatic Soap Dispenser - Touch FREE

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* Built-in infrared smart sensor
* Automatic and touch-free operation
* Stop germ transfer: Never again have to touch a dispenser with dirty hands
* Non-dripping innovative design eliminates both waste and countertop messes
* Low noise pump design
* Large, easy to fill opening
* Ideal for liquid soaps, sanitizers, sunscreens, moisturizers or lotions, etc
* Perfect to use at bathroom or kitchen at home, office, school, hospital, hotel and restaurant
* Capacity: 400ml
* Powered by 4 x AAA battery (not included)
* Size: 14.7 x 9 x 21.3cm

Item Description:
* Brand New Packaging
* Touch-free, trouble free dispensing system. Automatically dispenses the perfect amount of liquid soap/sanitizer needed for washing hands or disinfecting it. Nothing for the user to touch.
* Our Automatic Soap Dispenser is used to keep hands clean with the convenience of never having to touch anything to promote a germ free environment and keep your hands clean, body healthy.
* You wash your hands to get rid of germs and bacteria, so why risk touching a soap dispenser that sits out all day being touched by dirty hands? This automatic soap dispenser has a built-in infrared smart sensor which provides a safe and germ-free way to dispense liquid soap, detergent, lotion, or anti-bacterial gel with just a wave of your hand. This device is designed to dispense the exact amount of soap needed and along with no-drip innovation, you can eliminate both waste and counter-top messes.
* If you are serious about your health, then getting a hands-free soap dispenser is a must. Studies have shown that regularly washing your hands help to reduce the chances of catching common illnesses including H1N1 or other Viruses . Keep an automatic soap dispenser wherever you are and ask establishments to do the same. They are ideal for: homes, offices, hospitals, kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, bars, hotels, private clinics, public bathrooms, and clubs.
* Washing your hands on a regular basis is essential in preventing the spread of germs and infections, which is why our automatic soap dispenser is an excellent investment. An extra-large soap reservoir capacity of 400 mL also means more uses and fewer refills, making this convenient to use in homes with constantly messy children to even the busiest business establishments.


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