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Kristal - Wax Complete Kit Men & Women (Italy)

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Insert the refill in the electric heater KRISTAL and then close it with its lid.

this device hasn't got any switch thus simply connect the cable to the plug (220 volts )

when the light is switched the device is working

Let the wax get completely fluid (20-25minutes) and then remove the plug..0


First try the roll on some depilatory strips so that it can be easily used on the skin.

Before depilating wash the skin with pure water and let it dry.

Put the roll on the part of the skin to be depilated and spread a thin coat of wax in the same direction of the hair.

Press a little bit the strips on the coat of wax and then pull the strip away in the opposite direction.

Repeat this procedure until the depilation is terminated.

At the end of the epilation remove possibile wax residues with

Kristal after-epilation cil. then rinse with warm water and the skin will be smooth and soft.


Electric heater with cable

Technical characteristics:

Supply: from 110to 240 Volts

Top security usage

Electric isolation in class II

single control of thermostat

Heating time:20-25 min

Constant temperature of the product:+/3C

Simple recharging

always use original refills KRISTAL LL Monouso a Cinque Stelle


Do not use the device while the cable is connected to the plug.

Never try to open the device; in cas of damage of the cable contact specialized personnel

Wax refill- Liposoluble wax


Hifhly innovative and extremely practical this wax on a smaller trip and then apply it on the skin.

Mint after-epilation oil removes any wax residues

Kristal after eplation oil has emollient and refreshing properties and is to be used to remove wax residues.

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