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Inflatable Solar Lantern Cube

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Sucks in sunlight. Spits out bright LED light.

Here’s an innovative and remarkably useful device that serves as a wonderful source of clean, safe, sustainable, portable light. While the word ‘device’ is grammatically correct,the Ivation inflatable waterproof solar lantern can more precisely be described as a ‘bag of light’. By drawing in direct sunlight during the day, it outputs bright, flicker-free light through 10 LEDS. The design is new and exciting, promising an endless array of creative applications ranging from indoor to outdoor to emergency situations and disaster relief.

Packs flat. Goes anywhere. Floats on water.

When deflated, this lantern packs thin and flat. You can fit quite a few into a backpack, and keeping some around the house for any eventuality takes up a negligible amount of space. To inflate your lantern at any time, simply unplug the air stopper and blow into it – much like you would with a swimming tube. The enclosure is made of a durable, 100% waterproof PVC material that floats in water. In addition, the enclosure doubles as a gently frosted lampshade when inflated, throwing even lighting across 15 square feet.

Sees you through the night on one charge.

Whether you’re using it as an indoor nightlight, a party prop, a roadside safety tool or a camping/hiking lantern, its 3.7V polymer battery provides you with up to 12 hours of light on a single charge. Three light modes are selectable: Low and high to use energy smartly and conserve battery, and an emergency flashing strobe mode that acts as an SOS help signal. A 4-LED battery level indicator keeps you informed of juice reserves throughout the night, and a neat hanging strap makes it easy to apply the light where it’s needed.

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