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Zakk - 3D VR Box with Remote Controller - Black

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The Zakk 3D VR BOX is a premium intelligent adjustable virtual reality Headset for smart-phones upto 6”. It is light weight, well balanced, equipped with soft cushioning and easy to keep on for long periods at a stretch. It even comes with an external controller with multidirection and multiple combination keys. This controller is used to control your smartphone while it sits inside the headset and you can also use the controller seprately with other devices over bluetooth. Visually-impaired users with a condition of Myopia (Nearsightedness) or Hyperopia (Farsightedness) can easily adjust the distance of the phone from the lenses and comfortably use the headset. The lenses can also further be rotated and the focus can be adjusted. It is equipped with unique heavy duty lens distance adjustment mechanical knobs on both the sides of the headsets which help in adjusting the distance of the phone from the lenses. The interpupillary distance can also be adjusted just by rolling one knob. It can house smartphones as small as 3.5" and can even take large phones upto 6". There are camera access slots which are covered with a flap held by magnets. Behind the flap, there are thoughtfully designed and well placed ventilation holes to ensure your phone does not alarmingly heat up while it stays in the headsets. There are access windows on both the sides so you can plugin external wired HID devices, headphones or even charge your phone. The headstrap is well designed with synthetic leather detailing and superior quality elastic. The ZAKK VR speaks quality which is evident right from the moment you hold the headsets in your hands. With such a wide variety of compatible phones and a whole new level of adjustment based upon its users, the Zakk VR is a truly universal headset waiting for you to pop in your existing smartphone and experience a whole new world of virtual reality comes alive.

Main Features

  • Turn your Smartphone into 3D Virtual Reality
  • Find New World in VR Games
  • Clear for Shortsighted : 0-800 degrees
  • Built For Superior comfort with Adjustable Strap and Sponge
  • Premium Lenses for Quality 3D viewing
  • Compatible with Andriod & iOS
  • Pupil and Focal Distance Adjustable
  • Bluetooth Remote Controller for playing games & other relavant functions
  • Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner


  • Size : 200*120*100 (mm)
  • Weight : 330 gm
  • Frame Type : Plastic with Foam and Synthetic Leather Padding
  • Texture : Super Soft Fiber
  • Bluetooth Remote Controller Range : 8-10 Meters
  • Focal Distance : 20 mm
  • Pupil Distance : 55-68 mm

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