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Portable Electric Air Laundry Dryer

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 1. Clothes hanger

After the suspension height should be neat, clothes keep air flow smoothly inside the clothes, and then Hung on the hanger or facilities laundry products, to 
ensure good air circulation washing environment.
2. Start working
The power supply can be connected when the clothes hanging products to enter the standby mode, and then press the Switch again to the cold care in order to 
achieve dehumidification and mildewproof effect.
3. Sterilization and disinfection
When the product enters the hot or cold working condition, the negative ion module inside the machine Negative ion began, in order to achieve the effect of 
killing of live bacteria and viruses, and the elimination of
keep healthy, comfortable clothing
This product has the health care function of traditional clothing, such as: moisture, mildew, moth proofing, sterilization,Deodorization, drying light 
clothing (shirts, T-Shirts, infant garment, underwear and other small
The clothes in the washing function). This product adopts p.t.c. (positive temperature coefficient) Including gently heating technology, with low power consumption, high thermal efficiency, safe and reliable.
The product has the advantages of simple operation, convenient carrying. The product can solve the traveling, tourism, family
And other clothing care environment and the need of small and light clothes drying. It helps to improve the Travel and family life quality of users.

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