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3in1 Skin Roller System - Roller Heads of 180, 600 & 1200 Needles

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3in1 Skin roller is used for one of the following skin problems:

  • Scar Removal –including acne scar removal / treatment
  • Stretch Mark Removal /Treatment
  • Anti Aging,Anti Wrinkle
  • Cellulite Treatment / CelluliteReduction or Removal
  • Hair Loss Treatment / HairRestoration
  • Hyper Pigmentation Treatment

Advantages of derma roller therapy:

  • Does not destroy the structural integrity of the skin
  • Gradually remove the skin deep toxins and waste
  • Establish a direct transportation between skin and beauty product
  • Promote the skin metabolism
  • Improve the ability of wound healing and anti-aging
  • No side effect, safe and reliable

Please choose the suitable size

Please sterilize the roller and the nursing part with alcohol.
Please apply suitable nutritional lotion / cream on the skin,rolling back and forth 4-5 times.
Please rolling more than four different directions. refer to the pictures.
Apply nutrition or mask products on the skin that requires care in case of skin inflammation.

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