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Men Fei - Pro High Quality Makeup 3pcs Brush and 1 Blender Set

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Using advanced import wool refined but become, MaoLiang rich, rich tension, tactility gentleness, and skin close together joint, can naturally show opaque subtle change, help your makeup look more beautiful.


Touch with tips and will not clog apply adequate amount honey powder, swept gently in makeup part, until perfect

Note methods:

Please keep clean with paint, when cleaning, please use the mild detergent, after cleaning in ventilated place should be dry, avoid the sun.

Daily maintenance: Clean it after use every time. Simpy spray the cleanser on brush bristles or quickly dip them into a small amount of cleanser (in a shallow bowl or cup) and then gently wipe with a paper towel or shop towel.

Periodic Maintenance: Full cleansing & maintenance once a week.

1. Mix 1 part shampoo to 4 parts warm (not hot) water in  a small bowl or mug. 
2. Dip the brush head in the solution then gently massage it through the bristle.
3. Rinse the bristle well with warm water and squeeze the excess water out of the brush with a towel.
4. Reshape the bristle and lay them out on paper towels.
5. Caution: NEVER stand your brushes up to dry.

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