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Multifunctional Electric Pedicure Device

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  • 100% brand new and high quality.

  • For instance, girls are fond of wearing a delicacy and cleanly shoes come with high-heel in summer, but the ugly callus will stop this desire, and the same a happy mood will aslo be bothered by a powerful pain when running or playing outside

  • Now all theses troubles will disappear under the help of this electric foot pedicure & massage device

  • No doubt it will be good new to the people who suffer from foot diseases

  • It can effectively solve many problems of uncomfortably feelings of foot, such as corns and thick cocoon, etc

  • With some massage attachments, it can be used to massage the sole, heel, leg, shoulder, any part of the body

  • It helps to abate the feeling of sore and ache. So it can not only remove the callus, but also massage and abate the sore of muscle and bring you health

  • Easy and safe operation, normal skin tissues won't be harmed, with the perfect care and nursing effects

  • Elegant and human-based in design, and can be used to care and repair the dry and necrotic horny, thick cocoon and corn, besides that, it can also be used to remove necrotic horny of toes due to the four holes on the abrasive plate differ in size, and the four holes can protect the parts that not need friend from hurt

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